Arcos de la Frontera

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Arcos de la Frontera is a town in the province of Cádiz in southern Spain and  is located on the eastern bank of the Guadalete river. This river has carved the fine standstone ridge (la Peña) on which the village is balancing at a height off approximately 150 meters above sea level. This special location makes Arcos unique, one of the most beautiful white villages (pueblos blancos) in the south of Spain. The viewings from the Peña at the surroundings and the lake are spectacular.


The South of Spain was reigned by the Moors during approximately 700 years. In the 13th century the Spanish Catholics fought the Moors to regain the area. Arcos de la Frontera, literally translated “The village of Arcs located at the border”, gained its name by being the frontier of battle between the Christians and the Moors.  In a lot of houses in Arcos and even in our own Bed & Breakfast, the influence of the Moors on the Andalusian architecture can be seen clearly. When the Christians regained the area from the Moors in 1284, several building elements where taken from the Morish Mosks and used to rebuild the Catholic churches of Arcos.
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